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Welcome to Everything Life and Real Estate where Linda McKissack and Dana Gentry share their tips and strategies to enhance your business and life.

Dec 8, 2020

On this episode, Linda and Dana talk to Marc King about how he went from living in a car as a teenager to building massive wealth for himself as an adult. Marc shares how growing up poor made him think that the way out was to make money in sports, and did go to college on a baseball and golf scholarship, but as he started to realize he wouldn't make money off those sports after college, he started paying attention to the people who were making money knowing about business.  He ended up going into real estate and realizing he did love working with buyers, but that he excelled with sellers and focused on listings.  As he progressed, he also learned about himself that he enjoyed long term relationships with people that extended past the 90 day relationships he had with sellers and he shifted into leadership.  Marc shares what he has learned in his journey to wealth and what helped him the most along the way.