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Welcome to Everything Life and Real Estate where Linda McKissack and Dana Gentry share their tips and strategies to enhance your business and life.

Jun 15, 2021

On this episode, Linda and Dana share how they started and grew their podcast so that you can start and grow yours!   Linda shares how she was interested in podcasting but knew she wanted a co-host, and after enjoying talking to Dana for a while she asked her if she would be her co-host.  Dana agreed, and Everything Life and Real Estate started.  They discuss the important things to think about for starting your own podcast:

  • Who is your audience?
  • Do you need a who to be your co-host?
  • Do you need a who to set it up?
  • How can you bring value to your audience?
  • How can you use your past knowledge as topics?
  • What's your end goal with the podcast?

They share how their focus is to build relationships through the value and validity the podcast brings, and how you don't need to worry about a fancy setup - you just need to get started.

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