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Welcome to Everything Life and Real Estate where Linda McKissack and Dana Gentry share their tips and strategies to enhance your business and life.

Jun 22, 2021

On this episode, Linda and Dana talk to Linzee Ciprani, founder of Ciprani consulting, about how she helps agents hire long lasting talent.  Linzee was working at a motion picture non profit when she was asked to help with a real estate team.  She ended up loving real estate, but her life changed when she had her first kid and she realized she wanted to have more time back.  This led her to focus on how to hire great people who can truly help entrepreneurs.  After perfecting that process for herself, she started helping others with hiring through Ciprani Consulting.  She shares what she believes should be your first and second hire, the two types of admins she has noticed, and how her 3-6 month training program guarantees a hire with anyone she works with. 

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